City of Gallup No-Spray list - Bill Bright, Sustainable board

June 14, 2017

KGLP Station Manager Rachel Kaub speaks with Bill Bright of the Sustainable Gallup Board, about spraying issues associated with the city's Weed & Vector Program, and how to get on the no-spray list:

The City of Gallup has been fogging for mosquitoes again, limit time outdoors during peak mosquito hours, spray repellent products on kids clothing, collars, caps, shoes, pants, avoid skin application if possible. Adults will have better luck using products with Deet.

If you do not wish to have your property sprayed, you may call 505-863-1254 for the Weed & Vector Program, and ask to be added to the No Spray List.

Or, you may visit, and choose to report a concern, then fill out an online form.


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